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North Miami, Florida Houses For Sale

What’s not to love about North Miami? Beautiful weather, stunning natural beauty, and affordable living make this one of the BEST places to live in the country. Did we mention that you can find gorgeous homes at a fraction of the price of other major markets in the country?

In fact, most people are SHOCKED to discover just how far their dollars go here.

A surging housing market means that there are ton of affordable Florida houses for sale just waiting for you to close and move in. Feel free to browse our listings or, if you want to save time and money while finding the best homes (many hidden from public listings), contact one of our real estate agents to get the ball rolling!

The housing market in North Miami, Florida and across the U.S. is surging – in 2018 alone 5.5 million existing homes were sold. Are you joining that statistic in 2019?

If you are, your FIRST call should be to a real estate agent. Without one, you’ll be leaving piles of money at the negotiating table AND you’ll waste time in the process!

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

We asked ourselves the same question when we started looking for a home to buy – the answer was clear:

In order to get MAXIMUM value, you NEED to use a real estate agent.

If you don’t, house hunting quickly turns into a full-time job. You’ll be responsible for scouring listings, scheduling open houses, scouting potential sellers, researching the North Miami, Florida market and negotiating the final sale price.

Worst of all? Your seller won’t be negotiating against you – their real estate agent, armed with years of expertise and negotiating tactics, will be. It’s like being your own defense when the prosecution has an all-star attorney.

Instead, you can let a real estate agent handle the entire process from start to finish, GUARANTEEING you maximum value when you buy!

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent When Looking for Florida Houses for Sale

There’s so many benefits that we saw from using a real estate agent, it’s impossible to list them all here. But these were some of our favorites:

Save Time

All you have to do is meet one of our agents and let them know what you want – how much to spend, how quickly you want to be in your new home, what your must-haves are, etc. They’ll take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Use that time you save to explore the area, take in the sunshine, or just relax.


Using a real estate agent can save you tens of thousands of dollars. The true value, however, lies in their ability to find the best deals. Some of our agents have helped families move into dream homes they never thought they could afford. Hunting for the best deals and taking advantage of inefficiencies in the market or hidden properties can have you living in the lap of luxury on a budget!

You’ll See TONS of Potential Sellers

Your real estate agent has access to hundreds of Florida houses for sale that the public doesn’t know exist. That gives you first pick of the best properties.

Work With a Skilled Negotiator

A real estate agent will handle any and all negotiations for you, just like they did for us. This is how they feed their families, so you know they’ll be fighting tooth and nail for every penny.

Moving to Florida will be the best decision you’ve ever made…..right next to partnering with one of our real estate agents!