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North Miami, Florida Real Estate Agent

Buying and selling real estate is never easy.

Too much information makes things far too confusing, and with too many websites trying to steer you in their direction, it’s easy to make mistakes and overlook things that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars! We’ve experienced this mess ourselves, and we knew there had to be a better way – so we turned to a Florida real estate agent.

Let’s start by stating a simple fact….

Maximizing value whether you’re coming or going is the single most important thing when buying or selling real estate – and if you’re not using a real estate agent, you’re leaving money on the table.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving in or out of North Miami, Florida (but we can’t imagine who would want to leave), your FIRST call should be to a real estate agent. You know all of the other people buying or selling homes in this town are using one, right?

If they’ve got a skilled agent at their side, you stand no chance of getting a fair deal. It’s like going to court without a lawyer when the other team has Johnny Cochran.

I Can do This Myself, Why do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

We thought the same thing, so take it from people that learned the hard way, you NEED a real estate agent.

Buying or selling real estate in North Miami, Florida is a lot more complicated than sites like Zillow make it seem.

Without one, you’re responsible for a whole lot more than just posting a picture on a website and hoping for the best. We were crushed under a pile of responsibilities including browsing pages of listings (many of which didn’t even match what we were looking for), navigating the housing market, scheduling showings, and hoping we were seen by buyers.

The worst part about all of this? Our competition DID use an agent, and they were able to negotiate a deal that was favorable to them.

Learn from our mistakes and don’t let this happen to you!

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

The Benefits of Using an Agent

The people you’re up against are almost certainly using an agent, so without one you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Why put yourself behind the eight-ball when you don’t have to? Here’s some of the benefits your competition is getting while you idle the hours on Trulia:

They’re Saving You Hours of Time

Nobody wants to spend mindless hours trying to figure out how to perfectly list their home. And who has time to schedule open houses? A real estate agent will take care of EVERYTHING. Without an agent, you’re responsible for everything from listing a home to dealing with the bank. And that’s not even including hours spent giving tours if you’re trying to sell.

They Access More Buyers

No matter how many social media accounts you have, you’ll never have access to the amount of potential buyers and sellers that a real estate agent does. More people means more value! Real estate agents are part of hidden networks that give them access to the best audience, helping you find hidden deals or get your property off the market fast. You can’t compete with that alone.

They’re Getting the Best Price

Real estate agents in North Miami, Florida know the market better than any of us could ever dream. They’ll make sure the best possible deal is coming your way, and they will be the ones at the negotiating table. Remember, this is how they feed their families, so you know they’ll fight for every red cent.

The decision is simple – hire a real estate agent to handle your business and maximize your value. You’ll be happy you did!