Florida Houses For Rent

Virginia Gardens, Florida Houses For Rent

Thinking about renting in Virginia Gardens, Florida? Good idea!

Exciting nightlife, beautiful weather year-round, affordable living (NO state income tax!) and gorgeous beaches make this one of the BEST places to live in the U.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a place to rent or are actually doing the renting yourself – using a real estate agent is a no-brainer!

Renting isn’t easy – and finding the right place (or the right tenant!) is more complicated than you think.

Renting is on the rise in Virginia Gardens, Florida – not surprising considering this is paradise all year round! Anyone searching for a place to stay in this crowded market quickly realizes how tough it is. Not only do you have to search through endless directories and find out who is for real, you’ve got to prove to them you’re worthy of renting.

Whether you’re thinking about renting your space or just doing the renting yourself, the FIRST step of your plan should be to call a real estate agent!

But I’m Going to Rent - Why do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

We’ve been there before, and we said the same thing.

And boy, were we wrong. You’ll never get the maximum value without using a real estate agent.

Trying to rent without a realtor is like trying to get out of Miami during rush hour: It’s not a good idea!

Real Estate Agent as a Landlord

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent as a Landlord

If you’re not using a real estate agent to rent your property, you’re wasting time AND money. Here’s what an agent can do for you:

Advertise the Space

Real estate agents know the area inside and out – they’ll advertise your space in a way that will attract the highest quality tenants AND give you the best value! There are so many Florida houses for rent that it’s hard to stick out. And the last thing you want is to settle for a low-quality tenant that ruins your home and causes headaches.

Maximize Your Rent Price

Don’t make the mistake of pricing yourself out of the market. A real estate agent knows that sweet spot between asking too much and short changing yourself – you won’t get the maximum return without them. They know the market like the back of their hand, and they know exactly what your property is worth. They won’t settle until they find someone willing to pay what you deserve.

Show the Space

None of us have time to constantly schedule new showings to potential tenants. A real estate agent handles scheduling AND showings so you don’t have to waste your time!

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent as a Tenant

Unless you’ve got 20-30 extra hours a week to kill (the same as a part-time job!), you’ll never research every potential property the way it should be. You’ll end up paying too much up front, or worse – you’ll lock yourself into an unfavorable lease for months to come! And get this, landlords LOVE renters that use real estate agents. It shows that you’re for real.

Don’t let this happen. Here’s what a real estate agent can do for you:

Negotiate the Best Deal

Don’t get sucked into massive security deposits and unreasonable monthly rent. A real estate agent will negotiate the best possible lease for you whether it’s long or short-term.

Save Time

There’s no way anyone could possibly organize and visit as many potential houses as they’d like to on their own. A real estate agent will analyze your wants and needs and only show you the properties worth seeing! It’s like having an extra set of eyes on the market.

Secret Listings

Real estate agents have access to listings the general public doesn’t. Without them, you could be missing out on the rental of your dreams and not even know it!

Contact us today to gain access to unlisted properties, the best deals, and vetted renters and landlords. We’ll find you your dream rental or tenant in a fraction of the time! There are some amazing Virginia Gardens, Florida houses for rent. Make sure you get the best ones!